When you crave something sweet, do you reach for a chocolatey treat? There's no harm in satisfying a craving when it comes along. So, it's important to listen to your body when it says something like, “I need chocolate ASAP!”

But what are you going to grab?

If your house is where all treats are welcome, you probably have plenty of options. Otherwise, you should have an idea of what you'll crave, so you can always have it on hand. You can stock up on one or all of the following chocolate-packed sweets and satisfy any craving that comes your way.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate chip cookies are a classic little treat. They have just the right balance between chocolate and other flavors like vanilla. Plus, the texture is great! If you don't want to make chocolate chip cookies or don't eat gluten for one reason or another, grab a bag of chocolate chip coconut cookies! These chewy little cookies might be a little different than the traditional kind, but they're ultra-delish and you can munch away on them with friends or family right when the craving hits—you don't have to chill any dough or turn on the oven.

Baking Mix Brownies

If there's something about a baking mix for brownies that just puts a smile on your face, you need to always keep one in the pantry—just in case you need it. While there are lots of classic mixes you might know from when you were a little kid, you can also find one that takes dietary restrictions into consideration. Dietary restrictions mean allergies and sensitivities to ingredients like gluten and dairy. Luckily, there are really tasty gluten free brownie mixes out there, so you don't have to sit out on the baking fun!

Dark Chocolate Cookies

Dark chocolate lovers need a dark cacao cookie in their lives. An option that is easy to grab as a morning treat with their coffee, a snack during the day, or a dessert later at night. Find a bag of gluten free chocolate cookies with wholesome ingredients like cocoa powder, coconut, almond flour, and coconut oil. They'll fill you up and satisfy you without making you wonder if you went overboard. It's easy to listen to your body and trust yourself when you have great-tasting foods with some fantastic ingredients.

Cookies Dipped in Chocolate

If you have your favorite coconut cookies chocolate chip or another flavor and a bar of chocolate in your pantry, melt the chocolate down and dip a chewy coconut cookie into it. It will be like a personal chocolate fondue bowl! Just make sure you don't burn the chocolate when you melt it; go slow with short microwave bursts, or do a double pot melt on the stove for the best dipping texture. You might even be able to find chocolate-covered treats from your favorite coconut cookie company.

There are so many deliciously chocolatey treats you can add to your panty so that you have what you need when a craving hits. Chocolate and sweets are not inherently “bad” for you. All food serves a purpose! Still, finding something that tastes good, satisfies your sweet tooth, and is full of wholesome ingredients is nice. Organic cookies, gluten free brownies, and cookies dipped in melted chocolate are all great options! With thoughtful ingredients, you can feel comfortable letting the whole family indulge in their favorite treat.

About Emmy's Organics

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