Long days, starry nights, and fresh mountain air—there is a lot to love about the summer camping season. Whether you and your family are seasoned campers or just beginning to explore the wonders of the great outdoors, remember that the key to a successful camping trip is planning.

Once you've checked the big essentials off your packing list, it's time to dive into a little detail that can make or break your next camping trip: snacks. The right snacks make all the difference on a camping trip, especially if you have young children. To make your next camping trip memorable for all the right reasons, prepare with these three snack tips.

Pack It In, Pack It Out

One of the most important rules of thumb to follow while camping is to leave nature better than you found it! Be sure to consider your campsite while planning what snacks to pack. Are you staying at a well-populated campground with ample trash cans and waste disposal? Or are you setting up camp in a remote area where you will need to pack out your trash?

Keep cleanup simple by avoiding individually wrapped single-serving treats—like fruit gummies—and instead bringing easy-to-carry snacks in resealable packaging. Delicious organic cookies from a certified B Corp in a lightweight bag make an excellent kid and earth-friendly camping snack.

No Fire? No Problem!

Everyone loves indulging in a delicious, sweet treat after a long day of hiking, exploring, and playing in nature. If your family adores s'mores, remember to pack your marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate bars for this iconic gooey treat.

However, s'mores can be fickle, so it's always a great idea to bring a backup sweet treat. If an especially dry summer has caused your area to issue campfire restrictions, your campsite doesn't allow fires, or you just can't get those darn logs to light, you'll thank yourself for bringing a bag of chocolate chip coconut cookies to satisfy your family's evening chocolate cravings. A soft, chewy treat speckled with decadent chocolate chips will help your kiddos forget about any s'more fiascos and may just become a new—and blissfully less sticky—camping trip staple.

Keep Calm and Hike On

Filling your days with gorgeous, rewarding hikes and exploration is the best way to stave off boredom while camping. To stave off hunger, bring lightweight snacks that can easily fit into your backpack. After all, no hike is complete without a satisfying snack to look forward to!

Try to avoid overly processed foods that may make your kids feel groggy and sluggish. Instead, opt for gluten free coconut cookies made with simple ingredients for a delicious balance of natural fats and fibers. A tasty treat that provides essential energy for a day of outdoor adventure can help keep your little campers happy.

Good camping snacks are tasty, satisfying, and easy to carry while producing minimal waste. If you and your family love enjoying nature together, make your camping trips even better with these three snack tips.

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