Things are starting to look up as chilly weather leaves the area and midday warmth creeps in. That's right, it's spring—and spring means spring break, busy weekends with the kids, and family events you forgot about during the winter months. All that is to say, you need to stock up on some great-tasting snacks for you and the kids to enjoy.

When it comes to snacks, you don't always have to shy away from sweets and treats like gluten free coconut cookies. There's nothing wrong with satisfying those cravings—it can actually stave off sticky fingers getting into the pantry when you're not looking. Plus, you can find some wholesome treats with organic ingredients to feed their souls and their hungry tummies.

Chocolate Chip Coconut Cookies

No kid can say no to chocolate chip cookies unless they have an allergy or sensitivity. That's where gluten free chocolate chip coconut cookies come into play. A chipped-out chocolate coconut cookie will be a total hit with the kids. With chewy coconut, mini chocolate chips, and a touch of sweetness, they can enjoy these after running through the park or skating through the street, and then get back out there in no time.

Gluten Free Brownies and Blondies

Try a brownie mix if there's a play date on the calendar or any gaggle of neighbor kids to feed. You can avoid the conventional brownie mixes and opt for one free of gluten and refined sugars. That way, everyone can enjoy a bit of the treat. Try crumbling some coconut cookies on top or swirling peanut butter into the batter to make the treat more appealing for littles who love everything new and different.

Crunchy Coconut Cookies

Do your kiddos like a little crunch to their sweet snack? Bring out some crunchy coconut cookies. With a limited list of ingredients, you can usually find crunchy coconut bites in a healthy snack food section of your local grocery store. Look for an option with coconut chips, tapioca starch, and flavors like chocolate and cinnamon. It's super simple but super tasty.

Crispy Brownie Snaps

Love the snap, but need a little more chocolate? No sweat. Find brownie snaps and swap out chips or crackers for these little treats every so often. You might not be able to resist the pull of the chocolate, either. You should let yourself indulge, too! Brownie snaps are also great for entertaining, so when it's time for a backyard BBQ, put out a little bowl of brownie snaps for kids and adults alike.

Kids have a lot of energy. You might find that it feels pretty rowdy around the house during spring because they don't get outside as much during winter. With all that energy comes the seemingly bottomless tummies that need fuel; sometimes, only something sweet will do. Try to remind yourself that there's nothing wrong with a little treat like coconut cookies chocolate chip flavored, especially if they have wholesome ingredients like coconut and agave. There's a happy medium between healthy snacks and delicious treats, and it usually looks like a cookie with thoughtful ingredients, which will definitely make a lot of littles extra happy this spring.

About Emmy's Organics

Emmy's Organics offers a variety of treats full of wholesome, organic ingredients for anyone with a sweet tooth. Even people who don't have to avoid gluten can enjoy the gluten free brand's great-tasting recipes free of refined sugar, wheat, and dairy. From a home kitchen to a farmers' market to large grocery chains, Emmy's Organics has made its way into the hearts and tummies of people nationwide. You can take a bite of a chewy coconut cookie, munch on some Coconut Crunch'Ems, whip up a batch of gluten free brownies or blondies, or bring out a bag of Brownie Snaps for a late-night snack. Emmy's ticks all the boxes for a delicious treat the whole family will love. 

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