Do you have “vegan cookies” on your shopping list? Vegan cookies, like chocolate chip coconut cookies, can be a fantastic addition to your family pantry. But you don't want to get stuck with a subpar snack nobody enjoys. So, you have to know how to find the best-tasting vegan cookies that tick all the boxes: delicious, satisfying, refined sugar-free—and it wouldn't hurt if they were your favorite flavor. Here are some tips to help you grab a bag of great-tasting vegan cookies that will satisfy everyone.

Find a Reliable Brand

Vegan brands make vegan foods—it's that simple. So, look for a brand that consistently provides vegan foods with great ingredients. You might also be able to find a vegan cookie brand with other values, including keeping things gluten free and maintaining a healthy work environment as a certified B Corp. A vegan label will not always be the priority of a brand, even if they use vegan ingredients, so don't discount the gluten free and organic brands.

Read the Ingredient List

When you're vegan, ingredients matter, just like if you eat gluten free or have to stay away from milk and butter because of a dairy allergy, the ingredients are important to you. When you read the label, look for high-quality ingredients like organic coconut and almond flour instead of non-vegan alternatives. While conventional cookies may contain some vegan ingredients like flour or non-dairy chocolate chips, it doesn't mean the recipe is totally vegan or aligns with your values. Sometimes, the gluten free coconut cookies will meet your and your family's requirements for a great-tasting sweet.

Choose Multiple Flavors

Many brands will offer more than one cookie flavor, including those with vegan options. This aspect of cookie shopping is important because even if your favorite flavor is chocolate chip, you might have a friend who prefers peanut butter or dark cacao. Grab a couple bags of different flavors once you find the right brand, and see what everyone in the family (or friend group) likes most. You don't have to keep them all on hand all the time, but you can keep in mind which flavor passed a round of taste-testing.

Look for Sharable Packaging

There's something very sweet about sharing your favorite, well, sweet. Look for cookies that are easy to share, like two-bite organic cookies in a resealable bag or snack pack or even a baking mix for a tray of brownies. Sharing vegan foods is a way to give others an opportunity to explore different flavors, textures, and ingredients. (Plus, an easy-to-open bag makes your cookies more accessible for snacking.)

Whether shopping for your own family or just making sure you have something in your pantry for everyone, make vegan cookies a beloved household staple. Taking time to find foods everyone can enjoy ensures smiles and fun, no matter when or where you bring out the cookies. You can even sign up for a cookie subscription to have your favorite vegan cookies delivered! That way, you never have to go on the hunt for a great-tasting cookie. You're just gathering up nature's goodness in a bite-sized snack at your door.

About Emmy's Organics

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